Wonders & Holidays DMC – Ukrainian destination management company, incoming, domestic and corporate tour operator.

Why Wonders & Holidays?

Wonders is for Wonders of Ukraine, that we are happy to show and unveil for our clients. Old fortresses and temples, unique arhitectural sights, picturesque forests, parks, rivers, mountains and other soulful places.

Holidays is for Holidays in Ukraine, that we organize to fill your trip with enjoyable experience, new impressions and vivid emotions.

Ukraine exclusive tours with Wonders & Holidays

In Wonders & Holidays we create more then just «tour products»: in every tour there is a bit of magic. And we truly endeavour that you feel it.

Two main components of our Ukraine tours are wonderful places and fantastic entertainment. Though, we need to confess, there are several more prosaic ones: precise planning, fair price and constant enhancement.

Our team members have long-term expertise in international travel, hospitality, event management, marketing and communications. We visited more than 50 countries and pretty sure that Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and favorable for travel (and still one of the cheapest!) That’s why we use all our experience to create the best tours in Ukraine.

So, if you want to take a magic journey to Ukraine with reliable tour operator, just contact us now.

Wonders & Holidays – brand of “Magic Travel LLC” tour operator. License No 148, 03.02.2017

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