Team Building in Ukraine

Team building in Ukraine with Wonders & Holidays DMC is efficient and advantageous. Efficient, because we take the best world ideas and cases, and embody them at the most interesting Ukrainian locations. And it is advantageous, because in Ukraine you get the same services as in Europe, but they are 3 times cheaper.

Our travel agency team is perfectly experienced. We have plenty of connections and rich imagination. Therefore, we can organize really breathtaking team building activities in any part of Ukraine.

Types of team building in Ukraine

Ordering team building in Ukraine means sending your team to the real adventure. Your employees can become heroes of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game at the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. They will visit the military training ground, go through a survival program in the wild (yes, just like Bear Grylls does) or swim along the historical trade route from the Varangians to the Greeks following the footsteps of the ancient Vikings.

We also offer less extreme (yet no less fascinating) scenarios:

  • mountain river rafting in Ukraine,
  • pedestrian expeditions,
  • quad bike tours,
  • rock climbing,
  • mountain-skiing tours,
  • yachting on the Dnieper and the Black Sea.

When creating a team building activity scenario we consider you company’s tasks, as well as the psychological and age characteristics of your employees.

Team building in Ukraine includes:

  • location selection;
  • scenario writing;
  • entertainment program developing;
  • IT-solutions (if necessary),
  • transfer to the venue,
  • hotels booking,
  • catering,
  • photo and video shooting.

Our travel agency also arranges management tours to Ukraine.

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