New best destination for December holidays:Kyiv

Ask St Nicholas for some sweets

St Nickolas Day

Sweets or twigs? That is the question. In Ukraine, St Nickolas Day is celebrated on 19 December. This morning is a moment of truth for the Ukrainian kids, ‘cause only obedient ones find tasty treats under the pillow. Grab your candies and make your way to Kontraktova Square in the ancient district of Podil. Here, you’ll find the biggest Christmas market in the country with plenty of various local delights, souvenirs, hot wines and snacks. You may listen to the street musicians or dance with the cheerful crowd near the huge stage with never-ending concerts. Ride a Ferris wheel offering stunning views and head up the hill for Sofiiska Square to admire Ukraine’s main Christmas tree and get another serving of music and fun.

Dance all night at the New Year’s open-air party

New Year’s open-air party

New Year is a favorite winter holiday of Ukrainians. Some people prefer to celebrate with their families watching all-night TV-shows and drinking bubbly. But don’t miss the chance to join festivities in Kyiv’s two main holiday locations, Sofiiska Square and Kontraktova Square. That is the night when best musicians perform and everyone is friendly and happy. Find new friends, taste best liquors and fall in love with magic illuminated city with cozy streets and old cathedrals. And find your presents under the Christmas tree.

This Christmas, give your heart to Kyiv


Being mostly Orthodox, Ukrainians celebrate Christmas on 7 January. And the way they do it differs greatly from New Year’s Eve. That’s a great time to witness pristine traditions and gain inspiration. They don’t give presents on Christmas in Ukraine, but it’s a very cozy celebration when all big family gathers around the table with 12 traditional dishes, honors ancestors and rejoices at the birth of Christ. And the fun starts the next day when groups of people in bizarre costumes go from house to house singing carols and showing nativity scenes. Everyone wishes Marry Christmas and all the best. Christmas concerts are held all around the city and it’s definitely worth seeing.

Kyiv is diverse and wonderful in winter. And probably the best way to make sure of it is to go on Winter Kyiv Grand Tour from Wonders&Holidays. So, don’t miss the chance to have the time of your life in Ukraine.

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