Public holidays in Ukraine

1.Independence Day

Independence Day

On August 24, there are official events and a military parade in Kreshchatik Street in Kiev. Odessa also holds a parade, but it’s a Vyshyvanka Parade (vyshyvanka is national handmade clothes), even monuments wear vyshyvankas. Book tour to Kiev or spend aWeekend in Odessa and see everything with your own eyes.

If you don’t like noisy activities, then go west to the city of Kamenets-Podolsky, which is one of the seven wonders of Ukraine. Its 16th century tower and historical center are included on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

2. Defender’s Day

Defender's Day

October 14. How about time-travelling to the past to see how the defenders of Ukraine lived before? Kiev open-air museum Mamaeva Sloboda exhibits the 17th-18th cc. recreated Cossack buildings, way of life and traditions. Or you can choose another interesting variant: visit Khortitsa Island where the famous Cossack fortress, Zaporizhian Sich, was located.

3. Christmas and New Year


On December 25, Catholic Christmas is celebrated. Lviv is most ready for the holiday: Christmas fairs and street performances are launched, and the whole city shines with lights. Have no doubt: Festive Lviv will enchant you.

New Year comes on January 1. This time, the capital is changing too: hundreds of garlands decorate streets and trees, fairs offer a huge choice of street food and hand-made souvenirs, and music sounds from stages. If you want to celebrate a New Year in an unusual and new way then visit Kiev. It is very atmospheric and festive. If you travel with kids, check this list.

And the best way to celebrate Orthodox Christmas, coming on January 7, is it to go to the Carpathians. Hospitable hosts, Hutsul traditions and original local cuisine are waiting for you amidst mountains and centuries-old spruces, covered with snow. Don’t miss your chance to see Magical Carpathian Winter.

4. Easter


Easter is a holiday when folklore traditions revive. You can witness them at the Ukrainian Village Museum. At the same time you will learn about the life and crafts of old Ukrainian villages.

Every Easter, Kiev holds an exhibition of meter-high wooden Easter eggs called pysankas on Sofiiska Square. It looks very interesting and unusual. You can visit the exhibition and cathedrals during our Historical Kyiv private walking tour.

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