Ukraine Travel Tips

Are you planning to visit Ukraine? Here are some Ukraine travel tips from Wonders & Holidays DMC, that will make your stay more comfortable and safe.

Entering Ukraine

Citizens of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Japan and Switzerland can visit Ukraine and stay for not more than 90 days in Ukraine without a visa. To stay longer apply for a Ukraine visa at the Ukraine’s Embassies/Consulates abroad, or contact us for help.

Currency exchange

We advise you to exchange currencies only in banks or special exchange offices. To avoid fraud, do not exchange currency on the black market (people on the street). We also do not recommend you to do it at the train stations and airports, since they usually have less desirable exchange rates.

Proper names and toponyms

Most signs and nameplates in Ukraine are in Cyrillic. To travel around the city, use one of the popular mobile apps with maps and Ukraine travel tips. Consider, that there are some difference between English translation from Ukrainian and Russian for the same toponyms (two languages that are in common use in Ukraine). For example – Kiev and Kyiv is the same city.

Drinking water

Do not drink unboiled tap water. The safest way is to buy bottled water.

Electricity standards

Wall outlets in Ukraine are Type CEE 7/16 Europlug (as in other EU countries) and supply electricity at 220 volts AC/50 Hz frequency. If your device features a different kind of plug, take a voltage converter or an adapter with you since it may be difficult to find them in Ukraine.

Restaurants and cafes

Ukrainian restaurants are much cheaper than European ones. The most popular Ukrainian dishes are borsch, vareniki, and meat and cabbage rolls. If you follow a low-calorie diet, please, remember that national Ukrainian cuisine features many high-calorie dishes. A sufficient tip would be between 5-10% of the total bill, unless it is already included in the bill.


In Ukraine, smoking in public places is prohibited by law. Use specially designated places to smoke in cafes, restaurants, and entertainment centers.


If you need a taxi, use taxi dispatching services, online taxi services (by the way, Uber operates in Ukraine) or private transfer service.

Intercity trains and buses can take you to almost anywhere in the country. You can buy tickets at the train stations or at the special agencies.

Check out the list of Ukraine’s best cities to plan your route.

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