TOP-8 must see places in Ukraine



In 1986, Chernobyl became the site of the largest technological disaster in the history of mankind. Everything has changed since then: more than 100,000 tourists from all over the world come to see the key objects of the Chernobyl Zone, including the ghost town of Pripyat, the new safe confinement over the exploded reactor, DUGA-1 secret military radar and to meet the locals who witnessed the disaster. The Chernobyl Zone is a unique place that keeps traces of technological disaster, but at the same time it has become a nature reserve, where thousands of plants grow and dozens of animals, including those listed in the Red Book, live. Today Chernobyl is a must-see place for everyone.

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Kiev Pechersk Lavra

Kyiv (or Kiev) is not only a capital of Ukraine but also one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. Archaeological excavations show that the settlements in the Kyiv area date back to 15-20 millennia BC. In ancient times, Kyiv was the capital of the formidable Kievan Rus – the confederation of the Slavic city-states. Take a stroll through the legendary streets of the ancient city, immerse in its magnificent past and see the main historical sights built in the 11th century: the St. Sophia Cathedral, the Golden Gate, The St. Michael’s Monastery and other local attractions.

Best tour choice: Historical Kyiv.

Tunnel of Love and Amber Museum

The Tunnel of Love

The Love Tunnel and the Amber Museum are amazing examples of how people can complement the nature’s creations and turn them into real works of art. The Tunnel of Love became famous thanks to photographers who noticed that pictures shot in the tunnel are incredibly atmospheric and fabulous. Today, the Tunnel of Love is one of the top European attractions. Amber Museum is the only Amber Museum in Ukraine where you can see unique exhibits such as nuggets with fossil insects, the oldest amber item in Ukraine, which is a disk-amulet (more than 2 thousand years old), and about 2 kg amber nugget. Moreover, here you can acquire unique amber products for your collection.

Best tour choice: Tunnel of Love and Amber Museum + Amber Shop

Lviv city center

Lviv Roofs

Lviv is the only Ukrainian city the whole historical center of which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It houses the largest number of historical and architectural monuments in Ukraine (total of 2,500), that have witnessed more than 7 centuries of happy and tragic events, achievements and discoveries. Its endearing streets and squares, ancient buildings and churches, hundreds of cozy restaurants, romantic and festive atmosphere regularly make Lviv one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations.

Best tour choice: Weekend in Lviv: all the most appealing excursions.

Lake Synevir and Shipot Falls

Lake Synevir

Lake Synevir is the largest and one of the most beautiful lakes in Transcarpathia. It is hidden 989 meters above sea level in the midst of tall trees and its water is so clear that it seems you can catch fish with your hands. And Shipot is a spellbinding waterfall in the Ukrainian Carpathians which got its name from the word “shepit” (“whisper”), because the sound of water falling from a height of 14 meters reminds whispering from afar. Aside from admiring how crystal water is broken into millions of drops on stones you can climb a nearby Mount Gymba to enjoy stunning landscapes of the Carpathian Mountains from its top.

Best tour choice: Lake Synevir and Shipot Falls – one-day tour from Lviv.



Great Ukrainian author Lesia Ukrainka poetically called Kamianets-Podilskyi “The flower on the stone”. An island on the land, surrounded by canyons with steep descents and girdled by the Smotrych River, it is a unique place filled with history and romance. The romantic medieval atmosphere is quite close here, just walk along the cobbled streets, the famous bridge or find yourself behind the heavy walls of the castle to feel it.

Best tour choice: Weekend in Kamianets-Podilskyi.

Odessa catacombs

Odessa Catacombs

Odessa catacombs are the longest catacombs in the world. These are more than 2,500 kilometers of mysterious underground passages, tunnels and caves. They are five times longer than the famous Parisian catacombs and it is very easy to get lost there if you haven’t got an experienced guide. Most of the catacombs appeared as a result of the 19th century limestone mining. However, ancient Greeks made their underground wine vaults there many centuries before. Moreover, the remains of prehistoric animals were found in some caves. For many years the Odessa catacombs served as a refuge and hiding places for adventurers, bandits and partisans. Therefore, weapons, money and jewelry can be still found there at times.

Best tour choice: Weekend in Odessa.



Since the early days of Kievan Rus, there was a monastery in Mezhyhirya. In 1935, the monastery was completely destroyed and a residence for the Soviet statesmen was built on its territory. From 2007 till 2014, Yanukovych lived here, first as a Prime Minister and afterwards as a President of Ukraine. He spent more than $ 1 billion of the state budget money to turn Mezhyhirya into a luxurious complex. After the ex-president’s escape, the residence became the largest Museum of Corruption in the world and is open to visitors. Today Mezhyhirya is one of the Ukraine’s main attractions and a vivid example of how power and money can influence a person.

Best tour choice: Mezhyhirya Tour.

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