Is it safe to travel to Ukraine?

Earlier this year, the US State Department included Ukraine into Group 2 in the Ranking of the most dangerous countries for Americans to visit. Germany, France and Great Britain are also in this group (note that Russia and Turkey are listed in the dangerous Group 3). Travelers are advised to be extra careful due to the possible riots.

Why: Because of the ongoing armed conflict in Donetsk and Lugansk regions of Ukraine. These
territories are really dangerous for tourist trips. As for the other regions of Ukraine, you can travel there just as safe as, for example, in Poland or any other Eastern European country.

Is it safe to travel to Ukraine? Myths and facts about Ukraine’s safety:

Myth 1. Anti-Semitism and racism flourish in Ukraine.

Fact: Representatives of the most diverse nationalities live in Ukraine, so here we treat religions, skin color and other differences between people with respect and understanding;

Myth 2. In Ukraine, there are groups of aggressive people who can attack passers-by on the streets.

Fact: The aggression on the streets of Ukraine you might have heard about is nothing more than just a media picture. At the moment, Ukrainian streets are safe and quiet, and rallies that  sometimes take place in Kiev city center are controlled by the police.

Myth 3: In Ukraine, they practice tortures and harassment.

Fact: Tortures and harassment may happen in the so-called DPR and LPR (Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, the landlocked proto-states in Eastern Ukraine), that are not recommended as travel destinations. But no such cases were registered in the other regions of Ukraine.

Ukraine safety travel advice:

If you are going to visit Ukraine, please, keep in mind the following simple safety rules:

  • Do not walk alone in the dark streets;
  • Keep from traveling to remote and unexplored areas of the large cities;
  • Avoid showing cash and expensive devices if not necessary;
  • Stay away from rallies and crowds, monitor local media for important events and adjust your plans respectively;
  • Ukrainian public transport is not always easy to use; therefore if you want to see the city, it’s better to hire an individual guide owning a car.  And if you want to travel around the country then book one of our tours, and Wonders & Holidays will take care of your trip and safety;
  • Best time to visit Kyiv is the end of the spring and summer.

Need more information? Read Ukraine travel tips.

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