Ukraine’s Best Cities 2018

1. Kharkiv


The largest city in the country (the second largest by population). Kharkiv got a high score for its clean streets, good lighting, and developing infrastructure. It is the student capital: almost one third of all foreign students coming to Ukraine study in Kharkiv. Guests of the city enjoy walking along one of the largest squares in the world (750 m long, and its area is 11.9 hectares), and admire its light and music fountains as well as cathedrals.  Despite the fact that Kharkiv is not the capital of Ukraine now (once it was) the nubmer of international flights to the city is growing every year. So, you may plan to start your visit to Ukraine from Kharkiv.

2. Vinnytsia


Two main criteria making this city comfortable to live in are high quality of municipal services and good ecology. Unknown Vinnytsia is a magnificent light and music fountain show (it claims to be the world’s largest “river open water fountain”), Hitler’s mysterious Werewolf Bunker, picturesque banks of the Southern Bug River and many other sights.

3. Kyiv


The capital features the highest average salary in Ukraine, actively developing IT sector, and wide choice of vacancies. Moreover, Kyiv is called the greenest capital of Europe. It’s easy to check on our thematic Kyiv Parks Walking Tour. Two of the Seven wonders of Ukraine is also located in Kyiv.  Take a chance to see other sights of Historical Kyiv, visit the Cossack settlement Mamaeva Sloboda, make a Hot Air Balloon Ride and look at the smallest things in the Microminiatures Museum.

4. Lviv



The advantages of Lviv include its high investment attractiveness, developed infrastructure and tourism. It is the cultural and festival capital of Ukraine. In 2017, 2.6 million tourists from all over the world visited Lviv. You should come here to see Palaces and Castles of Lviv, learn the Mysteries of Underground Lviv and enjoy very tasty food on Lviv food & drink tour.

5. Odesa



A southern city on the Black Sea coast. Odesa is known for its residents’ original sense of humor and the city’s beautiful architecture. It’s got the fifth place in the ranking due to its convenient air and railway communication, as well as proximity to the sea. It offers perfect conditions for tourists wishing to spend a Weekend in Odesa, go on Odesa Sightseeing City Tour or look into the Odesa Catacombs.

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