Top 10 Kiev attractions

1. Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

One of the oldest monasteries in Ukraine (11th century). There are cathedrals, churches, galleries, museums, and caves with the relics of saints on the territory of the Lavra. You can see them all and even more on Kyiv city tours.

2. Sophia Kyivska National Reserve

Sophia Kyivska

The reserve’s main object, St. Sophia Cathedral, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It features the largest collection of 11th century frescoes and mosaics. Want more history? Welcome to our Historical Kyiv walking tour.

3. Andreevsky Descent


Andreevsky Descent

The oldest, brightest and most creative city street, known as the “Kiev’s Montmartre”. It’s home for artists and souvenir dealers. Moreover, it is a very mystical place. Why? Ask the guide during our Secrets & Mysteries of Kyiv thematic tour.

 4. Mikhail Bulgakov Museum


Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

It’s a writer’s house-museum: Mikhail Bulgakov, the author of the novel “The Master and Margarita” used to live here. How about taking a walk in the museum after its closure, when the crowds of tourists are gone? It is possible on our unique Night at the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum tour, choose it if you looking for interesting things to do in Kyiv.

5. Golden Gate

Golden Gate

The gate, built in 1164, is one of the Kiev’s symbols. Ten years ago it was restored; the museum exposition and part of the ancient wall are exhibited inside. Also, you can have a look at the city center from its top.

6. Motherland Monument

Motherland Monument

One of the world’s highest sculptures which is 102 meters high! It is taller than the Statue of Liberty in the USA. You can see the panoramas of Kiev from its observation point.  When the weather is fine, you can come up to the Motherland shield (90 m). The sculpture was built in 1981 in the USSR times. It is one of the objects of our Back in the USSR sightseeing tour.

7. Mariinsky Park

Mariinsky Park

It is located on the hills along the Dnieper River. There is an observation platform in the park, and the building of the Ukrainian parliament and the Mariinsky Palace are located nearby. You can see the city and breathe in some fresh air on our Kyiv Parks walking tour.

 8. Dnieper Quay

Dnieper Quay

A new walking zone along the Dnieper River. We recommend you to walk along the river, drop into a cafe overlooking Trukhanov Island or go on our Dnieper River Cruise on the riverboat.

9. Mamaeva Sloboda

Mamaeva Sloboda

It’s a reconstruction of the 18th century Cossack settlement. About a hundred buildings recreate the authentic architecture and way of life. You will enjoy tasty Ukrainian cuisine and learn about Cossack traditions here. Hospitality is guaranteed on our Mamaeva Sloboda Tour.

10. Microminiatures Museum

Microminiatures Museum

Have you seen a shod flea or a portrait on a poppy seed? A unique collection of the smallest things in the world is exhibited in the Microminiatures Museum (there is a similar museum in Andorra). All of them are made by the same master Nikolai Syadristy. Microminiatures Museum Tour is very popular with tourists.

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