7 reasons to visit Kyiv

1. Rich history frozen in architecture

St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev

More than one thousand years of Kyiv history still live in the streets of the ancient city. You can dive into its magnificent past and see the main historical sights built in the 11th century such as the St. Sophia Cathedral, the Golden Gate, The St. Michael’s Monastery and others. Climb the hills where the ancient Kyiv city started, rest in the shade of the enchanted linden and walk down the Andriyivskyy descent which is considered a local Montmartre.

2. Truly delicious cuisine 

Truly delicious cuisine

One day is not enough to taste all the best dishes of the Ukrainian cuisine. Many of them became yummy symbols of the city: the famous Kyiv cake, Kyiv Evening candies, borscht, 8 kinds of Chicken Kyiv, salo and varenyky with various fillings, pampushki and many others. And if you want to bring home something special, take the culinary master class and this useful souvenir will stay with you forever.

3. The greenest European city 

The greenest European city

In 2017, Kyiv was recognized as the greenest metropolis of Europe with the best Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). The most famous Kyiv parks are located along the Dnieper River. Enjoy delightful panorama view and visit the places that have become city landmarks. Taking a deep breath, of course.

4. USSR era heritage 

USSR era heritage

70 years of Soviet power in Kyiv remained in its architecture, military facilities and unique constructions. Spot the best examples of various Soviet architecture styles such as the Kreshchatik Street buildings, the former Lenin Museum, the impressive Ukrainian House of Government, and the Parliament of Ukraine, which is called “a sample of Ukrainian architectural classics.” Visit the deepest and the highest city point. You can even have lunch at the typical Soviet restaurant.

5. Unique speakeasy bars 

Unique speakeasy bars

In Kyiv, speakeasy bars appeared relatively recently. Therefore you can discover something really latter-day. Kyiv barmen are constantly experimenting with ingredients and proportions, creating new, unique cocktails. Assess their skills while strolling around the best speakeasy bars.

6. Tank driving 

Tank driving

Get a charge of adrenaline and vivid emotions. Ride a tank, an armored personnel carrier or an armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle. Take a master class on a combat vehicle driving and feel the full strength and power of the Ukrainian fighting machines at the military base near Kyiv.

7. Kyiv undergrounds

Kyiv undergrounds

Kyiv boasts over 50 kilometers of underground passages and labyrinths, built in the 19th century which store many secrets. They are hidden from the eyes of ordinary tourists under the beautiful historical buildings of Kyiv’s central part and cozy parks on the Dnieper River’s slopes. Explore a real darkness which can be seen in underground Kyiv only.

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