10 reasons to visit Ukraine

1. Admire natural wonders

Natural wonders

Ukraine is rich in natural wonders such as the largest canyon in Europe, a picturesque high mountain lake, a city on the water, a virgin steppe, etc. These unique locations are not just beautiful but also vibrant places of power and life energy.

2. Visit UNESCO World Heritage Sights 

UNESCO World Heritage Sights

Famous UNESCO World Heritage List includes man-made masterpieces, the most valuable cultural and historical objects, as well as natural wonders. Being on the list is a kind of quality label for the site. Ukraine boasts seven of them.

3. Discover Kyiv


Capital of Ukraine is a reason itself. It’s so diverse and captivating with its old churches, buildings of the Soviet era and modern towers, mystical places, beautiful parks and welcoming restaurants that you won’t be able to stop admiring. But if you need a TOP-10 list, then check out the one we’ve made.

4. Compare HBO’s Chernobyl and real life


HBO’s Chernobyl mini-series rose great global interest in one of the biggest man-made catastrophes ever. Thousands of tourists scrambled to confirm or deny the impression. Feel yourself, how it is like to get to the abandoned world where time lost its power.

5. Try one of the world’s most delicious cuisines

Ukrainian cuisine

Ukrainian hospitality has become proverbial. And Ukrainian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most tasty is the world. Probably you’ve heard about borshch, but it is not the only dish that can win your heart and stomach. Try them all and don’t forget about local bears and spirits.

6. Ride a hot air balloon 

Hot air balloon

Flying far above the wonderful land and feeling life to the fullest. That’s what hot air balloon rides about. You will never get tired of this bird-eye-view beauty and romance.

7. Experience one of the best corporate tours

Corporate tours

Ukraine is perfect for the engaging corporate events. With our low prices and variety of scenarios you can get a well-knit team in no time.

8. Dive into history

Ukraine historical tours

History of Ukraine is turbulent, full of exiting and often dramatic moments. It leaves its traces everywhere and sometimes they are quite jaw-dropping. Learning such local stories is always a unique and useful experience which gives great immersion into not only past but also future of the country.

9. Try something very exclusive

Tunnel of Love

Each country features its own specialties to impress you. Find yourself in a Tunnel of Love or a secret bar, ride a hot air balloon or elite Soviet car. Believe us, you’ll never get bored in Ukraine.

10. Get a unique and safe military experience

Ukraine Military Tours

Get strong impressions and powerful adrenaline rush while shooting various types of firearms at indoor or outdoor shooting range, driving a real tank, ARPV or APC.  Make it all completely safe under the watchful eyes of the experienced instructors.

The Tunnel of Love, Dubno Castle and Tarakaniv Fort

1 day

The Tunnel of Love, Dubno Castle and Tarakaniv Fort

from 70$

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