EXCITING TOURS: Historical Tours
Secret soviet military base “The Rock” and Hegewald bunker

4 day

Most secret Soviet military facilities in Ukraine

from 55$

Ukraine Ghost Tour

2 days

Tarakanov Fort, fortresses in Ostrog, Kremenets and Dubno.

from 80$

Back in the USSR

6 hours

Visit the most notable Soviet places in Kyiv.

from 15$

Khutir Savky museum tour

5 hours

Khutir Savky Ukrainian living history museum tour Kyiv

from 13$

Ukrainian Village Tour

6 hours

Unique exhibits, interesting master classes and exclusive souvenirs.

from 55$

Mamaeva Sloboda tour

3 hours

Feel the real Cossack hospitality at the Mamaeva Sloboda skansen!

from 6$

Kievan Rus history theme park tour

4 hours

A unique journey of the 1000 year into the past.

from 132$

Historical Kyiv

1 day

Thousand years of Kyiv’s history in a 3 hours private walking tour

from 60$

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