EXCITING TOURS: Historical Tours
Lviv Roofs

2 hours

2-hour breathtaking tour.

from 6$

Wonders of Chernihiv

1 day

One-day tour to Chernihiv including exciting sights

from 80$

The Tunnel of Love, Dubno Castle and Tarakaniv Fort

1 day

The Tunnel of Love, Dubno Castle and Tarakaniv Fort

from 70$

Secret soviet military base “The Rock” and Hegewald bunker

4 day

Most secret Soviet military facilities in Ukraine

from 55$

Ukraine Ghost Tour

2 days

Tarakanov Fort, fortresses in Ostrog, Kremenets and Dubno.

from 80$

Back in the USSR

6 hours

Visit the most notable Soviet places in Kyiv.

from 80$

Khutir Savky museum tour

5 hours

Khutir Savky Ukrainian living history museum tour Kyiv

from 46$

Ukrainian Village Tour

6 hours

Unique exhibits, interesting master classes and exclusive souvenirs.

from 55$

Mamaeva Sloboda tour

3 hours

Feel the real Cossack hospitality at the Mamaeva Sloboda skansen!

from 35$

Kievan Rus history theme park tour

4 hours

A unique journey of the 1000 year into the past.

from 45$

Vintage Car Kiev sightseeing tour

3 hours

Vintage Soviet Car Kiev exclusive sightseeing tour

from 80$

Historical Kyiv

1 day

Thousand years of Kyiv’s history in a 3 hours private walking tour

from 60$

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Ukrainian historical tours: travel from past to future

You will learn about the power of Kyivan Rus and the fearless Cossacks, about the consequences of the World War II and the Soviet power, about the revolutions of the 21st century and other historical moments on our thematic excursions.

Fill your Ukrainian holidays with useful knowledge about Ukraine’s past. It will help you to understand the country’s spirit and modern life. During our Ukrainian historical tours you will see:

  • World War II secret military objects –  Stalin’s “Rock” and Himmler’s “Hegewald”.
  • Soviet heritage monuments, which are still preserved in Ukraine: Soviet-era buildings, including the Parliament building and the Government House, the deepest metro station in the world, the Holodomor Museum and the World War II Museum.
  • life and traditions of the Ukrainians – in the “Ukrainian village” ethnographic museum; how the Cossacks lived – in Mamaeva Sloboda complex, architecture of the 8th-13th centuries – in the theme park “Kyivan Rus”.

Kyiv in 180 minutes

If your time is limited, then we can reduce a long historical tour to three hours. Our guides will conduct a brief excursion into the country’s past on the Ancient Kyiv Tour. It is an individual tour, where you will not be distracted by crowds of tourists and you will be able to get answers to all your questions. If you like this format, we also recommend our exclusive tours, where the entire program will be adjusted for your requests.

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