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Vacation with a twist: Ukrainian travel ideas

For your vacation not to be banal, you need to prepare for it in advance. And, first of all, tool yourself up with new ideas for traveling in Ukraine. Such as:

  • visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the 11th century temples, ancient beech forests, Ukrainian Hogwarts, and unique wooden churches;
  • searching for natural wonders of Ukraine including a beautiful biosphere reserve, the largest European canyon, a city on the water and a mountain lake;
  • visiting the Seven Wonders of Ukraine, such as the 12th century fortress; the park, which was considered the best in Europe; and the Khortytsia Reserve, where Ukrainian Cossacks lived;
  • trying the most unusual entertainment in Kyiv: kayaking, tank driving, or hot air balloon riding.

Corporate Tours

And how do you like the idea of coming to Ukraine for a team building or corporate party? There are plenty of offers for a big group holiday (for both active and not very agile employees): a delicious banquet, a rope park, a quest, an open-air with a disco, the summer rafting and fabulous winter Carpathians, etc. By the way, a great idea for a trip to Ukraine is to plan a vacation for holiday dates. On Independence Day, New Year, Christmas, Easter or Defender’s Day, you will see much more interesting things and events than on weekdays.

If you are one of those people who doubt whether it is safe to visit Ukraine, we advise you to read our article.Wonders & Holidays tells in detail the myths and facts about the country’s security. Moreover, read our travel tips on currency exchange, smoking in public places and taxi services. And, of course, choose the best time for your vacation. Here is a detailed description of the pros and cons of each season in the Ukrainian capital.

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