Cheapest European cities for weekend trips

A weekend in Kyiv costs less than 250 euros. This money is enough for Kyiv visitors to spend two nights in a three-star hotel (about 36 euros), eat cheap and tasty food and go on city history tours.

For example, Historical Kyiv Tour reveals the city’s millennial history, includes visiting all the main Kyiv sights and it costs just $60. And The Greenest City in Europe Tour will lead you through the most beautiful Kyiv parks; show you the stunning panorama of the Dnipro River and the sights that are considered to be the hallmarks of Kyiv. The cost of such a walk starts from $40. For those who love “time travelling” we can offer a trip to Mamaieva Sloboda, a quiet corner located almost in the very center of the capital, where the glorious Cossacks Era comes to life. Fans of extreme sports can order a fascinating hot air balloon ride or a tank driving.

Also, the list of recommended cities for a low-cost weekend includes:

2. Krakow (Poland)

3. Warsaw (Poland)

4. Belgrade (Serbia)

5. Budapest (Hungary)

6. Riga (Latvia)

7. Dresden (Germany)

8. Berlin (Germany)

9. Bratislava (Slovakia)

10. Hamburg (Germany)

The average cost of spending 2 days in one of these cities is about 300 euros.

Dnieper River Cruise

from 1 hour to 5 days

Regular programs and individual riverboat trips

from 30$

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