Natural wonders of Ukraine

1. Askania-Nova


It’s a 33 thousand hectares Biosphere Reserve. One third of it is occupied by the virgin steppe. Over 3,000 animal species (including 12 listed in the European Red List) live here. During the tour to the Reserve you can see them in their natural habitat, like on a photo safari.

2. Dniester Canyon

Dniester Canyon

It is one of the largest canyons in Europe (250 km long). Picturesque banks of the Dniester River, rare plant species, unique rocks and small waterfalls attract many tourists. And those who love extreme activities can go down the river and spend the night in tents.

3. Granite-steppe lands of Buh

Granite-steppe lands of Buh

Granite-steppe lands of Buh Park boasts granite rocks, deep greenery and the Southern Bug River with bubbling rapids, waterfalls and islets. Hikers, who visit Ukraine, love its picturesque landscapes, climbers conquer the slopes of the canyon, and rowers discover its waterway. This green oasis is located amidst Ukrainian steppes.

4. Vylkove


This city in the delta of the Danube River is known as the “Ukrainian Venice”. Its houses are built on islets and canals serve as streets. Locals get about by boats and catamarans. The territory is a reserve and its plants and animals are under protection of law. Moreover, Vylkove is known for its delicious Danube herring and wine made from a special sort of grapes growing in the flooded areas.

5. Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park

Podilski Tovtry National Nature Park

It’s the largest National Park in Europe with beautiful lakes, rare plants and animals (33 species are listed in the European Red List). Tourists are offered a wide variety of activities such as excursions on river boats, horses and bicycles, balloon rides and hiking around the main park sights.

6. Svitiaz


It’s the deepest lake of natural origin in Ukraine (over 58 meters). Its water is very clean and transparent. In sunny weather, you can see the bottom at a depth of several meters. You can pick berries and mushrooms in the nearby forests. There are also many recreation centers and hotels on its banks.

7. Synevyr


Lake Synevyr is the landmark of the Carpathians. It is situated 989 meters above sea level. Bathing is prohibited here. Nevertheless, don’t be upset as the water temperature does not exceed 11-13 °C. But you can enjoy the view, eat tasty Carpathian food and learn about local traditions at any time of the year.

Ukrainian amber can be considered as natural wonder of Ukraine as well. Read this article to know why.

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