Ukrainian amber

How did amber appear in Ukraine?

In Ukraine, the largest amber deposits are located in Polissia and Volyn regions. Previously, it was believed that the glaciers from the Baltics had brought amber to Ukraine. But recently scientists found some insects in Ukrainian amber that are atypical for the Baltics. So, it originated on this territory.

Ukrainian amber


What’s the difference:

Baltic amber: Ukrainian amber:
  • mostly of medium and small size;
  • many nuggets of mineral weigh over (60% of nuggets weigh more than 30 g, and some pieces are as large as a kilo);
  • mainly brown&yellow, golden&orange;
  • a wide range of colors – over 200 shades, including white, scarlet and very rare green;
  • fragile, difficult to process.
  • good for jewelry operations such as carving and polishing.


These special properties of Ukrainian amber allow to produce more sophisticated items with small interesting details such as jewelry, statuettes, and decor for paintings. Moreover, large nuggets are suitable for making lamps. They look really magical.

You will be surprised, but unique Ukrainian amber is much cheaper than Baltic. So, during your visit to Ukraine, we advise you to take a closer look, and you will find an original, costly and at the same time inexpensive amber souvenir from Ukraine.

Where to find Ukrainian amber?

Amber Museum in Rivne

Its exhibits include the 1,930 g amber stone and nuggets with insects that lived millions of years ago. By the way, there is a store at the museum where you can buy amber jewelry and souvenirs and be sure of their quality and safe as it is the official brand store of the local amber plant.

Ukrainian amber

And finally, here are some interesting facts about amber:

1. European amber (including Baltic and Ukrainian) is fossilized resin of a giant prehistoric pine species. The huge forest stretched for thousands of kilometers.

2. The exact age of amber can be determined by the historical insects and particles of plants fossilized in it.

3. A nugget with a “surprise”, which is an insect or a flower, is much more expensive.

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