7 reasons to visit Lviv

1. Old Lviv historic center

Old Lviv historic center

Lviv is the only Ukrainian city the historical center of which (and it’s about 120 ha!) is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It houses the largest number of historical and architectural monuments in Ukraine (total of 2,500), that have witnessed more than 7 centuries of happy and tragic events, achievements and discoveries. Narrow medieval streets paved with stones and lush architecture and décor make Lviv one of the most charming European cities.

2. Lviv roofs

Lviv roofs

If numerous steps and height do not scare you, then take a chance to visit places that even the locals do not know about. This stunning city view will take your breath away. Admire the oldest houses, the main Lviv attractions and streets in full view, climb the inaccessible terraces and the most romantic roofs of Lviv and hear the most interesting Lviv legends and stories. And don’t forget to take unique photos on the old city background.

3. Galician cuisine and specialties

Galician cuisine and specialties

Lviv is not only a cultural capital of Ukraine, but also a gastronomic one. Lviv beer, Lviv chocolate and Lviv coffee became national brands. Moreover, the city also has its exclusive meals served in over 1,500 restaurants. Those are real food & drink museums, culinary art temples, local cuisine thematic exhibitions and showrooms. Mm, yummy!

4. Lviv region castles

Lviv region castles

There are three most majestic and ancient castles of Ukraine not far from Lviv: Olesko, Pidhirtsi and Zolochiv Castles. Each of them features its unique history and architecture, keeps its exciting and horrible mysteries. Thousands of tourists come here to plunge into the history of Ukraine and make an unforgettable trip to the Middle Ages.

5. Lychakiv cemetery

Lychakiv cemetery

No, it’s not weird if you like wondering in the cemetery, especially, if it’s Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv. If you used to think that a cemetery is a sad place, this open-air museum will make you change your mind. Time and beauty froze here in masterpieces of sculpture and architecture and the peaceful atmosphere makes you feel relaxed and thoughtful.

6. Mount Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle)

Mount Vysokyi Zamok

To reach Lviv High Castle, you have to climb over 300 old steps on a winding metal staircase. The remains of an ancient royal castle which used to rise above the city long ago remind of its former greatness. At the top of the mountain you can get the perfect view of Lviv and its surroundings as well as make excellent photos.

7. Lviv dungeons 

Lviv dungeons

Lviv undergrounds are more than 700 years old and over 100 kilometers long. They treasure many city stories: some of them are romantic, and the others are terrifying… Learn the secrets of the past and feel the real medieval spirit while walking through the most interesting and mysterious Lviv dungeons.

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