7 Unusual Things to Do in Kyiv

1. Hot air balloon ride

Hot air balloon ride

The best way to see the city is to get a bird’s eye view of it. After all, there is a 360 degree viewing angle from the balloon. No viewing platform on land can offer this. Hot Air Balloon Ride is a unique format of sightseeing tours around Kyiv and its suburbs.

2. Riding in a vintage car around the city

Riding in a vintage car around the city

What can be more tempting than bowling along the Kyiv roads? Riding in a vintage car! You can choose: DKW (1934), elite Soviet “Chaika”, the first Soviet car made after the Second World War – “Pobieda”, or Lincoln Zephyr (1939). The route of a unique Vintage Car Kiev Sightseeing Tour runs past the main city sights.

3. Microminiatures Museum

Microminiatures Museum

Have you seen a shod flea? No, we are not joking. It exists and you can see it in the Microminiatures Museum (there are only two such museums in the world!). Among other exhibits are: a rose in a human hair, a chessboard on the head of a pin, a map of Australia on the half of a poppy seed and other Smallest Things in the World.

4. Tank driving lesson

Tank driving lesson

A combat vehicle driving lesson – where else can you find it? Ride in an APC (armored personnel carrier), ARPV (armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle) or a T-64 tank. Shoot the Kalashnikov assault rifle (AK-47) or a sniper rifle. Our exclusive military tour Tank Driving in Kyiv is for those seeking for some adrenaline.

5. Walk along the underground riverbeds

Walk along the underground riverbeds

Every tourist walked along the city’s main street. We offer you to walk UNDER the Khreshchatyk Street, see the underground life of the city: labyrinths of dungeons, drainage systems, stalactites and stalagmites, an underground waterfall and even the beds of three underground rivers hidden under the asphalt. OurUnderground Kyiv Tour is a real adventure.

6. Kayaking down the Dnipro

Kayaking down the Dnipro

How to combine sightseeing and outdoor activities? Take a trip along the Dnipro! Landing on the islands is the opportunity to see non-standard tourist places. If you want, you can swim, play beach games and have a tasty meal near the bonfire. Kayak Tour in Kyiv: adventure on the Dnieper river is an interesting summer activity in the city.

7. Riding a tram to Pushcha-Vodytsia

Riding a tram to Pushcha-Vodytsia

Don’t you believe that riding a city transport can be an interesting and fascinating journey? It’s because you have never seen our retro tram-café. But it’s more than just a café as it runs along the route. You can reach Pushcha-Vodytsia which is a resort suburb of the Ukrainian capital with lakes and coniferous forest. Just buy a ticket, take your camera and go on our Kiev Sightseeing Tour by Tram.

Vintage Car Kiev sightseeing tour

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Vintage Soviet Car Kiev exclusive sightseeing tour

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