Weekend in Kiev

3 days

Spend an interesting weekend in the capital of Ukraine.

from 50$

Jewish Heritage of Kiev

4 hours

The most complete Kiev tour to the places of Jewish heritage.

from 12$

Strategic Missile Forces Museum Tour

1 day

The only museum in the world, established in real missile forces base.

from 45$

Back in the USSR

6 hours

Visit the most notable Soviet places in Kyiv.

from 15$

Speakeasy Kyiv – Bar Crawl drinking tour

2-4 hours

Try the most interesting and unusual cocktails in Kyiv secret bars.

from 65$

The greenest city in Europe

3 hours

Take a walk in the most beautiful Kyiv parks!


Khutir Savky museum tour

5 hours

Khutir Savky Ukrainian living history museum tour Kyiv

from 13$

ATV Kyiv off-road adventure tour

2-8 hours

A Ukrainian off-road adventure tour on all wheel drive cross-country vehicles.

from 45$

Private Golf Tour in Kyiv

4-8 hours

ALL INCLUSIVE: transfer, experienced guide service, and a selected golf course.

from 70$

Kayak Tour in Kyiv

2-6 hours

Outdoor activities and unusual way to see Kyiv.

from 18$

Ukrainian Village Tour

6 hours

Unique exhibits, interesting master classes and exclusive souvenirs.

from 16$

Secrets & Mysteries of Kyiv

5 hours

Private tour to the most mystical places of Kyiv.

from 14$

Mamaeva Sloboda tour

3 hours

Feel the real Cossack hospitality at the Mamaeva Sloboda skansen!

from 6$

Microminiatures Museum Tour

2 hours

Great collection of the world’s smallest things

from 5$

Shooting tour Kiev

6 hours

Tour to the outdoor shooting range near Kiev.

from 159$

Air Balloons Festival in Pereyaslav

1 day

The First Spring Air Balloons Festival in Ukraine

from 380$

Kyiv food & drink tour

3 hours

Very tasty Kyiv. The most delicious Kyiv food & drink tour

from 80$

Tank driving tour Kiev

1 day

Exclusive military tour. Master class on tank driving.

from 179$

Tour to the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

2,5 hours

A unique tour: Night at the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum


Kyiv indoor shooting range tour

3 hours

Various types of firearm shooting at Kyiv indoor shooting range.


Kiev Sightseeing Tour by Tram

2,5 - 3 hours

Romantic trip. Available in all weathers, all year round


Kievan Rus history theme park tour

4 hours

A unique journey of the 1000 year into the past.

from 132$

Kyiv Street Art and Murals

2,5 hours

The most interesting objects of street art in the capital.

from 99$

Hot air balloon rides in Kyiv

from 3 to 6 hours

Get a bird’s eye view of the Ukraine’s capital.

from 150$

Mezhyhirya Tour

1 day

Private Tour from Kyiv to Mezhyhirya residence

from 13$

Vintage Car Kiev sightseeing tour

4 hours

Vintage Soviet Car Kiev exclusive sightseeing tour

from 190$

Underground Kyiv

from 1,5 to 3 hours

Visit the historical labyrinths of underground Kyiv

from 10$

Dnieper River Cruise

from 1 hour to 5 days

Regular programs and individual riverboat trips

from 30$

Kyiv Beer Tour

3-4 hours

A unique trip for the best beer places in the capital of Ukraine

from 65$

Kyiv Boat Tour

from 1 to 8 hours

Personal Kyiv Boat Tour on a sailing yacht along the Dnieper River

from 70$

Tour to Chernobyl

1 day

One-day tour to Chernobyl. Last minute. Urgent permission.

from 69$

Historical Kyiv

1 day

Thousand years of Kyiv’s history in a 3 hours private walking tour


Kiev culinary tour: Eat. Walk. Love.

7 days / 6 nights

All variety of Ukrainian cuisine in one culinary tour!


City sightseeing tour: Kiev in 180 minutes

3 hours

Breathtaking Kyiv city tour around the main sights of the Ukrainian capital.


Kiev City Center Walking Tour

3 hours

Find out mysteries of Kiev’s famous district Lypky on the city walking tour.


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