Ukrainian dance master class

1,5 hours

The basics of Ukrainian folk dance in a few hours.


Kyiv Sports Tour – Andrii Shevchenko and Klitschko brothers

2 hours

Special Kyiv Tour dedicated to the most famous Ukrainian athletes

from 30$

10€ Every Saturday walking tour

2 hours

Best way to discover Kyiv center.

from 10$

Chernobyl HBO TV series tour

1 day

A perfect chance to see everything shown in famous HBO TV series


Ancient recipes and delicious tastings

3 hours

Cook the dishes no restaurant can offer you

from 25$

Mystical Podil – Kyiv show walk

3 hours

Walk around the most mystical Kyiv sights

from 20$

Kyiv-Lviv-Odessa Grand Tour 8 days

8 days

Get the guaranteed 6 days of strong impressions and beauty delights!

from 395$

Kyiv & Odessa

6 days

Spend 6 unforgettable days in Kyiv and Odessa!

from 256$

Kyiv & Lviv Grand Tour

6 days

Get the guaranteed 6 days of strong impressions and beauty delights!

from 281$

Kyiv Grand Tour 4 days

4 days

Spend 4 unforgettable days in the Ukrainian capital.

from 146$

Kyiv Grand Tour 3 days

3 days

This 3-day tour around Ukrainian capital.

from 112$

Winter Kyiv Grand Tour

4 days

Spend 4 unforgettable winter days in the Ukrainian capital.

from 187$

Zalissia Tour

1 day

A chance to go on a winter photo safari in the national park.

from 42$

Sukholuchye Tour

4 hours

A day in nature in Sukholuchye, the residence of the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich.

from 35$

Weekend in Kiev

3 days

Spend an interesting weekend in the capital of Ukraine.

from 50$

Jewish Heritage of Kiev

4 hours

The most complete Kiev tour to the places of Jewish heritage.

from 35$

Strategic Missile Forces Museum Tour

1 day

The only museum in the world, established in real missile forces base.

from 65$

Back in the USSR

6 hours

Visit the most notable Soviet places in Kyiv.

from 80$

Speakeasy Kyiv – Bar Crawl drinking tour

3 hours

Try the most interesting and unusual cocktails in Kyiv secret bars.

from 80$

The greenest city in Europe

3 hours

Take a walk in the most beautiful Kyiv parks!


Khutir Savky museum tour

5 hours

Khutir Savky Ukrainian living history museum tour Kyiv

from 46$

ATV Kyiv off-road adventure tour

2-8 hours

A Ukrainian off-road adventure tour on all wheel drive cross-country vehicles.

from 71$

Private Golf Tour in Kyiv

4-8 hours

ALL INCLUSIVE: transfer, experienced guide service, and a selected golf course.

from 70$

Kayak Tour in Kyiv

2-6 hours

Outdoor activities and unusual way to see Kyiv.

from 18$

Ukrainian Village Tour

6 hours

Unique exhibits, interesting master classes and exclusive souvenirs.

from 55$

Secrets & Mysteries of Kyiv

5 hours

Private tour to the most mystical places of Kyiv.

from 14$

Mamaeva Sloboda tour

3 hours

Feel the real Cossack hospitality at the Mamaeva Sloboda skansen!

from 35$

Microminiatures Museum Tour

2 hours

Great collection of the world’s smallest things

from 9$

Shooting tour Kiev

5 hours

Tour to the outdoor shooting range near Kiev.

from 169$

Air Balloons Festival in Pereyaslav

1 day

The First Spring Air Balloons Festival in Ukraine

from 380$

Kyiv food & drink tour

3 hours

Very tasty Kyiv. The most delicious Kyiv food & drink tour

from 75$

Tank driving tour Kiev

1 day

Exclusive military tour. Master class on tank driving.

from 240$

Tour to the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

2,5 hours

A unique tour: Night at the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum

from 22$

Kyiv indoor shooting range tour

3 hours

Various types of firearm shooting at Kyiv indoor shooting range.

from 14$

Kiev Sightseeing Tour by Tram

2,5 hours

Romantic trip. Available in all weathers, all year round


Kievan Rus history theme park tour

4 hours

A unique journey of the 1000 year into the past.

from 45$

Kyiv Street Art and Murals

2,5 hours

The most interesting objects of street art in the capital.

from 80$

Hot air balloon rides in Kyiv

from 3 to 6 hours

Get a bird’s eye view of the Ukraine’s capital.

from 350$

Mezhyhirya Tour

5 hours

Private Tour from Kyiv to Mezhyhirya residence

from 45$

Vintage Car Kiev sightseeing tour

3 hours

Vintage Soviet Car Kiev exclusive sightseeing tour

from 80$

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You’ve definitely read “Master and Margarita” or at least heard about this novel! So would you like to visit the house of ingenious Mikhail Bulgakov, and feel the mystical atmosphere of this place?

We are Wonders & Holidays Company, and we conduct original Kiev excursions. People come to the capital for an excursion. And our task is to inspire them in such a way that they can’t stop posting pictures on Instagram and writing about their tour. That’s why we create amazing excursions! Interested? Stay tuned.

There are plenty of places in Kiev attracting tourists from everywhere: Sofiiska Square, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and many others. They are really beautiful, but due to our rich experience in tourism we understand that it’s not just the place that matters. There must be a fascinating story and involving narrator. Therefore, we work only with the best guides who love Kiev and receive positive feedback from our clients.

Moreover, we strive to turn each excursion into a holiday, so we add various zests, activities, show elements and tasty things for you to get the most positive emotions!

Why is Kiev worth visiting?

  • It’s the capital of Ukraine, the place that hosted all the most important revolutions during the period of independence, the city of the most significant decisions and meetings.
  • Kiev’s architecture is fascinating, and you just can’t stop taking pictures of it.
  • In 2012, the “New York Times” named Kyiv the most beautiful European capital.

If you still have any doubts, please feel free to call us and we will gladly and honestly answer all your questions!

By the way, if you live in Kiev and think that you know everything about the city and no excursion can surprise you…We’ve got something interesting for you.

We are looking forward to meet you!

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