EXCITING TOURS: Military Tours
Secret soviet military base “The Rock” and Hegewald bunker

4 day

Most secret Soviet military facilities in Ukraine

from 55$

Shooting tour Kiev

5 hours

Tour to the outdoor shooting range near Kiev.

from 169$

Tank driving tour Kiev

1 day

Exclusive military tour. Master class on tank driving.

from 240$

Kyiv indoor shooting range tour

3 hours

Various types of firearm shooting at Kyiv indoor shooting range.

from 14$

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Ukrainian military tours: shooting and tank driving

How about some tank driving? Or shooting a pistol or a sniper rifle? We invite you to our military tours!

Such unusual Ukrainian holidays are a perfect choice for those who love adventures and thrills. Our military tours include:

  • Outdoor shooting. Experienced instructors will teach you combat weapon shooting basics, safety and marksmanship rules, firing static and moving targets. You can shoot various types of firearms such as AK-47 assault rifle (Kalashnikov), Remington carabine, sniper rifles, Fort-500 pump rifle, Makarov and TT classic Soviet pistols and many others.
  • Indoor shooting. For three hours, experienced instructors will be teaching you the marksmanship rules, as well as the small arms shooting basics and safety rules. This tour is perfect for both beginners and for those who can handle firearms.
  • Tank driving. Yes it is possible! This exclusive Wonders & Holidays tour is a combat vehicle driving master class. You can choose T-62 Soviet battle tank; APC-80 armored personnel carrier, which is still in service in 26 countries; or ARPV (armored reconnaissance and patrol vehicle), which speeds up to 100 km/h.

Khaki corporate party

Ukrainian military tours are a great choice for a thematic corporate tour or team building. Team skeet, moving or static target shooting competitions can be held at the military training ground. And the indoor shooting range is perfect for the groups up to 20 people. As for the tank driving, up to 10 people can fit in one tank at a time.

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