EXCITING TOURS: Weekend tours
Delicious Transcarpathia

2 days

2-day tour including culinary tastings

from 235$

Transcarpathia − beautiful nature & relax

2 days

Two-day tour around the main natural attractions of Transcarpathia.

from 205$

Weekend in Zaporizhia

2 days

Weekend tour to the center of the Ukrainian Cossacks

from 57$

Weekend in Kamianets-Podilskyi

2 days

The most interesting Podillia sights in one tour

from 90$

Weekend in Poltava

2 days

Two-day city sightseeing tour including visiting Nikolai Gogol-related places.

from 165$

Weekend in Kharkiv

2 days

Two-day city sightseeing tour around interesting and tasty places

from 70$

Weekend in Kiev

3 days

Spend an interesting weekend in the capital of Ukraine.

from 50$

Weekend in Odessa

2 days

A two-day tour that features everything you need for an excellent weekend.

from 59$

Ukraine Ghost Tour

2 days

Tarakanov Fort, fortresses in Ostrog, Kremenets and Dubno.

from 80$

Weekend in Lviv

2 days

A 2-day tour comprising all the most appealing Lviv excursions.

from 115$

Weekend in Chernobyl

2 days

2-day tour from Kyiv to Chernobyl and Pripyat.


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Weekend tours in Ukraine - your vivid and eventful journey

Weekend in Ukraine is a great choice to discover the country, see its most interesting sights, visit a festival, get a gorgeous nature relax and taste delicious cuisine.

The territory of Ukraine stretches for 1,316 km from west to east. Due to such distances, the cities of the country are not alike. Each of them has its own character, attractions and traditions. We recommend you to spend your weekend in one or two cities. Thus, you’ll have enough time to feel their unique atmosphere.

  • Poltava. Visit the largest Ukrainian festival, Sorochinsky Fair. See the unique military history museum with samples of the 18th century military uniform. Master the pottery and try the famous national dish, Poltava galushki.
  • Kharkiv. The second largest, after the capital, city of Ukraine, will impress you with its huge main square which is up to 750 meters long. You’ll love its theaters and noble estates, a beautiful arboretum and a 600-year-old oak tree.
  • Odessa. It’s a city on the Black Sea coast, where you can sunbathe (in summer) or enjoy sea views (in winter), wander through the labyrinths of the world’s longest catacombs, taste wines and brandies, or just walk along the beautiful streets.
  • Lviv. Ancient cathedrals, medieval castles, hundreds of sculptures and monuments made Lviv the most tourist city in Ukraine. Besides, it’s a paradise for gourmets with hundreds of cafes and restaurants where they come up with unique recipes and drinks, competing for something to surprise tourists.

Eat, pray, rest

Another good idea is to order a themed weekend tour in Ukraine. For example, you can visit a festival, choose active outdoor activities such as kayaking or tank driving, make a culinary pilgrimage to the most delicious restaurants or get away from civilization and spend a weekend on the fabulously beautiful uninhabited Dzharylgach Island. You can order a private tour or join other tourists on Ukraine Scheduled Tours.

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