EXCITING TOURS: Wildlife tours
Transcarpathia − beautiful nature & relax

2 days

Two-day tour around the main natural attractions of Transcarpathia.

from 205$

Lake Synevir and Shipot Falls

1 day

Tour to the most beautiful natural sights of Ukraine.

from 75$

Zalissia Tour

1 day

A chance to go on a winter photo safari in the national park.

from 42$

Sukholuchye Tour

4 hours

A day in nature in Sukholuchye, the residence of the former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovich.

from 35$

Ukrainian Stonehenge – Stone Village tour

1 day

A unique natural wonder of Ukraine and one of the mysterious “places of power”.

from 58$

Landscape parks wildlife tour

1 day

Wild horses, the marsh extreme, a picnic and homemade liqueurs.

from 40$

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Closer to nature: tours to Ukrainian nature reserves

We offer real relax for nature lovers. Swim in the cleanest lakes, watch rare animals, eat cranberries from the bush, wander through the desert and walk among huge stone boulders.

It’s hard to imagine vacations in Ukraine without outdoor tours, because the country features unique natural wonders. Here you can conquer the Carpathians, walk the hiking routes, seclude on the beautiful uninhabited Dzharylgach Island, which is compared to the Maldives, see Actov Canyon (similar to the American gorges) and even visit the largest European desert, Oleshky Sands. During group and private excursions from Wonders & Holidays, you will see:

  • Ukrainian Stonehenge – Stone Village. Imagine huge stone boulders, the size of 2-3-story building! There are many paths between them where you can wander. And all these – in a beautiful forest full of berries and mushrooms. You don’t want to leave, do you? So stay! We will cook dinner on the fire right there.
  • Mizhrichynskyi and Beremytske National Parks. Here you will find untouched nature, wild horses, a real swamp, see black storks and cranes, listed in the Red Book. A picnic in a forest glade with tasty Polissia liqueurs will be a pleasant tour bonus.
  • Blue Lakes. Quartz sands make the water of the lakes deep blue, similar to the best seaside resorts. And there is a gorgeous pine forest all around.

To see more remarkable sights

Wonders & Holidays has some very unusual tours such as hot air balloon rides, tank driving, excursions to restaurants and secret bars of the capital. And here is a new, interesting direction – Heritage Tours where you can learn about the past of your Ukrainian ancestors. We will help you to find everything you need for unforgettable vacations.

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