EXCITING TOURS: Culinary Tours
Delicious Transcarpathia

2 days

2-day tour including culinary tastings

from 235$

Lviv Beer Tour

3 hours

3-hour walk with delicious tastings and fascinating stories

from 40$

Lviv food & drink tour

3 hours

Enjoy the most toothsome dishes and drinks of local cuisine

from 40$

Kyiv food & drink tour

3 hours

Very tasty Kyiv. The most delicious Kyiv food & drink tour

from 75$

Kyiv Beer Tour

3-4 hours

A unique trip for the best beer places in the capital of Ukraine

from 80$

Kiev culinary tour: Eat. Walk. Love.

7 days / 6 nights

All variety of Ukrainian cuisine in one culinary tour!


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Food & Culinary Tours in Ukraine: cheap and tasty

Tastings of local dishes and drinks, participation in culinary workshops and street food festivals, show presentations from chefs and lots of delicious food – welcome to the culinary journey around Ukraine.

Ukraine is not only beautiful, but also very tasty. Borsch, banosh, halushky, Lviv strudel, varenyky, potato pancakes, berry liqueurs – these are the dishes and drinks of Ukrainian cuisine, which every tourist should try.

  • Tasting excursions. Borsch, varenyky, chicken Kyiv and famous Kyiv cake – this is the basic menu for the beginning of your acquaintance with the national cuisine in Kyiv. But in the west of Ukraine, in the Carpathians, you will be offered a completely different menu including banosh, kulesha, mushroom soup, zaterka, tsvikli.
  • You can learn to cook the dish you like. At the culinary workshops, they will show how to cook simple Poltava halushky and to bake fastidious Lviv strudels.
  • Food festivals. Cheese is not only about the Netherlands, and exquisite wine is stored not only in French vaults. Ukraine can surprise too. Come to the festival of wine and cheese in Transcarpathia to taste the best varieties and find new “favorites”.
  • Lviv is the tourist capital of Ukraine and it can be safely called the culinary capital as well. The city boasts over one and a half thousand cafes and restaurants. Restaurants compete to attract tourists: they arrange show-presentations of dishes, make open-space kitchens, and chefs invent new recipes. Do you like beer? Go to Lviv! The city is famous for its craft beer which is incredibly tasty and at the same time very cheap.

Plan your Ukrainian Food & Culinary Tour today

We can always organize tasting tours and workshops for you (even if it is your spontaneous decision during your Ukrainian vacations) as a group tour or a Private Guided Tour . But if you want to visit a certain food festival, you need to plan a trip for its dates. We will buy tickets for you in advance, arrange a transfer and accommodation. All you have to do is to enjoy Ukrainian cuisine. Bon appetit!

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