Prize fulfilment

Wonders & Holidays Ukraine DMC provides unique travel projects in Ukraine, which will be an excellent prize fulfilment for your marketing campaign. Whether arranging unique city excursions or visiting the most impressing places in Ukraine, we offer various travels for you to choose.

We design a travel program totally according to the tasks of the promotion, the target audience of your company and the brand idea.

For example,

  • extreme tours around Ukraine will be an excellent prize fulfilment for sports and youth brands’ promotions;
  • a weekend tour to Kiev, Lviv or Odessa is a good and inexpensive prize for the retail sphere;
  • a tour to the nature reserves and wild nature will be a good marketing solution for the companies declaring nature and animal care, as well as nice choise for corporate retreat.

Winner handling during all the stay in Ukraine

Our main task is to make the winner feel special and get the maximum pleasure during his stay in Ukraine.

Therefore, we provide the winners with the best service to make them feel VIP-guests. Although Ukraine is neither Paris, nor the Maldives, it is something completely different, unique and impressive and we also have exclusive tours. That’s what we show to our travelers.

Besides servicing and winner handling, we pay great attention to the project marketing. We provide detailed reporting, analysis and documents. Our travel agency team staying in touch 24/7 to ensure you get the most effective project communication.

Chornobyl HBO special tour Lithuania + Ukraine

5 days

Unique chance to see all the places shown in the most popular TV series ever, ‘Chernobyl’.


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