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Incentive tours in Ukraine: holidays and motivation for your employees

Hot air balloon rides, culinary quests throughout original and tasty restaurants, and SPA-breaks in the best complexes are spectacular and effective ways to reward the best employees of the company.

Financial reward is not enough for your team to work efficiently. To fully reveal the employees’ potential and achieve your goals, you should also use emotional motivation. An interesting journey is one of the best choices.

Incentive tour from Wonders & Holidays is a first-class service, an exciting program, vivid impressions and new emotions that will inspire your employees for a long time.

Most Popular Incentive Tours

  • Hot air balloons festival is a fabulous and romantic sight. We can arrange a festival ride specifically for your team.
  • Journey to the Carpathians. For an active team, it includes climbing mountain peaks, camping with campfire gatherings, rafting on turbulent rivers (and in winter it’s skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and winter barbecue). Fans of passive recreation can take a walk among the century-old pines, eat cranberries from the bush, soak in the SPA-complexes and enjoy the Hutsul cuisine.
  •  Food & Culinary Tours . Choose a quest throughout the most delicious (and secret) restaurants and cafés, where they will not only offer you tasty food and drinks, but will also surprise you with culinary shows and master classes. You will try Kyiv borshch, Poltava dumplings, Lviv cheesecakes, Hutsul liqueurs and craft beer.

Whatever you wish

Incentive tours are developed individually for each client; we take into account and embody all your wishes. The program may cover only one city or different locations in Ukraine, combine passive and active recreation such as riding a tank and camping on an uninhabited island, visiting castles and open-air with a disco, kayaking and overnight trip to Chernobyl.

Incentive tour is a proven and effective way to express your gratitude to your staff for the results achieved. Such travels rise up team spirit (and hence the effectiveness of the work) and form a tightly knit team.

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