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Southern Ukraine: Kherson and Mykolayiv Tours

Southern Ukraine Tours is a journey to the land of the sun, sea, steppes and unique nature. Kherson is a starting point for the tourist routes to the Black Sea resorts and Ukrainian steppes, where the unique Askania-Nova Biosphere Reserve is located. And Mykolayiv Region attracts people with its open-air activities, including rafting and green tourism.

Kherson Tours: amazing natural attractions

Kherson Region is a region of green tourism and natural reserves:

  • Askania-Nova is one of the world’s largest reserves with the UNESCO’s “biosphere reserve” status. More than 3,000 animal species live here, some of which are very rare. In the steppes, you can meet zebras, wildebeests, llamas, buffaloes, saigas, South African camels, and watusi bulls. The pride of the reserve is the Przhevalsky horses, the last representatives of wild horses in nature.
  • Oleshkivski Sands is the second largest desert in Europe, the Ukrainian Sahara, where up to 5 meters high sand dunes slowly nomadize. This is a place of unique landscapes, where you can find steppe islands, small groves, lakes and even flood meadows among the sandy massifs.
  • Dzharylgach Island is the Black Sea’s largest island located in the Karkinitsky Bay. It’s a place with the cleanest Ukrainian beaches, white sand and turquoise sea. In the evening, you can admire the graceful dolphins approaching the very shore.
  • Biruchiy Island is the place where you absolutely forget about everything and enjoy the fresh and clean salty air. These are 24 kilometers of sand dunes that shelter red deers, kulans, fallow deers, mouflons and other rare animals.

Mykolayiv Tours: yachts, rafting and canyons

Mykolayiv is the center of Ukrainian yachting. Colorful regattas are regularly held here, and tourists can both sail and learn to cope with the wind on their own.

Mykolayiv Tours is an opportunity to visit unique natural sights:

  • Actovo Canyon is the only natural object of this type in Europe, which almost completely repeats North American canyons. It is one of the oldest land areas in Europe. Some rocks are 50 meters high and in some places they form vertical sheer walls. At the bottom of the canyon, the Deadwater River flows. There are many mystical and mysterious legends about this river; therefore the canyon has another name – the Devil’s Valley.
  • Southern Bug River is one of the largest and deepest rivers in Ukraine. It is the only flat river with the mountain-type rapids. Both rapids and fantastically beautiful landscapes make the Southern Bug a very popular place for rafting.
  • Buzhsky Guard which is part of Migeyskie Rapids National Reserve is one of the best natural rafting routes in Europe. It is one of the most popular places in Ukraine for water slalom, as well as catamaran rafting and kayaking.
  • Kinburn Spit is a sandy spit washed by the Black Sea on one side and the Dnieper River on the other. You can get here only by boat, so the nature is almost originally preserved. There are unique salt and mud lakes, as well as the remains of the Turkish fortress on the spit. Perfect sandy beaches are the hallmark of the Kinburn Spit.

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