Kyiv-Lviv-Odessa Grand Tour 8 days

8 days

Get the guaranteed 6 days of strong impressions and beauty delights!

from 395$

Kyiv & Odessa

6 days

Spend 6 unforgettable days in Kyiv and Odessa!

from 256$

Odessa Jewish heritage tour

2,5 hours

Complete Odessa Jewish heritage tour including visiting memorial sites

from 40$$

Hot air balloon rides in Odessa

1 day

Have a fascinating air balloon ride in the sky above the Black Sea pearl.

from 160$

Weekend in Odessa

2 days

A two-day tour that features everything you need for an excellent weekend.

from 59$

Odessa catacombs tour

2,5 hours

Visit the longest catacombs in the world with an experienced local guide.

from 70$

Odessa sightseeing city tour

3 hours

Discover key attractions and historical places of Odessa

from 5$

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Best Odessa Tours & Private Guided Excursions

Why do Odessa tours attract tourists? Ask those people who have already visited the city, and every time you’ll hear a new story. Indeed, Odessa’s uniqueness and diversity are marvelous:

  • Discovery City – every day you can go on an expedition. Unexpected findings are waiting for you around every corner: the magic and local color of Odessa courtyards, the diversity of architecture, the Odessa Catacombs (one of the largest in the world), grandiose sculptural compositions and unusual monuments, etc.
  • Holiday City – something is always going on in Odessa. Odessa Tours is an opportunity to visit the international film festival, a classic ballet at one of the best European Opera theaters, an open-air avant-garde performance and a noisy beach party with the world-known celebrity. Here you can find a cultural event for every taste every day.
  • Inspiration City – Pushkin, Babel, Chekhov, Akhmatova, Kuprin, Sholom Aleichem, Aivazovsky, Vrubel lived and worked in Odessa. Catch the mood and rhythm of the city, its special energy and vibration, the sun glow on the sea waves and the half-tones of the moon path, the unique intonation of the southern dialect… and forget about the faceless gray weekdays.
  • Trading City – Odessa has been trading for all its history, therefore its markets are not just a place to buy and sell, but part of the city atmosphere. Apparently, only Asian bazaars can compete with the local color and unpredictability of the Privoz Odessa market. And local flea markets are true Klondike for fans of unexpected godsends. See, palm, bargain – it is part of the obligatory ritual.

Odessa Tours: a tasty journey

Besides, Odessa is a must-taste city! It impresses with the abundance and diversity of cuisines. Ukrainian, Jewish, French, European, Mediterranean, Georgian, Armenian, and many other culinary traditions have not only preserved their peculiarities but also mutually enriched each other. You won’t find such tasty seafood anywhere else! Sprats, king mullets, bullheads, flounders, crayfish, and prawns perfectly combine with a rich variety of local wines and brandies.

And yet the main attraction of Odessa is the sea. It is as different as Odessa itself featuring such beaches as pathetic Arcadia or quiet Luzanovka, the Golden Coast, Lanzheron, Fountain, Dolphin, Otrada, etc. There are variants for every taste! Believe us, Odessa’s bright emotions and strong impressions will last for long!


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